Order in Chaos
Triptych of a cloudy sky.

7 paintings

What is it that brings a work of art to life?

L'Avant Terroir
Hidden in the screaming gray of our everyday life, between streets, houses and cars, lies a world full of beauty, a unique ecosystem, made of our dreams and desires.

Construction of BMD

297 liter sitzen
A warm welcome! Take a seat in our beautiful world.

Fabian Jochen Kanzler

german artist fabian jochen kanzler is concerned with the human being and his living environment. the view on the human being and how he sees and perceives his surroundings gives him the impulse to reveal reality in surreal images and progressive impressions.

Born in Leipzig, German Democratic Republic in 1983, Fabian Jochen Kanzler studied at the Bauhaus Dessau, with stays in Offenbach, Eindhoven, Venice and Halle. He received a Sternberg Foundation Scholarship, won several awards, and has been published worldwide, both in print and digitally.

Tokio, ggg - ginza graphic gallery
Osaka, kyoto ddd gallery
Sofia, Sofia City Art Gallery Hamburg, Deichtorhallen
Besançon, Ècole règionale des beaux-arts
Berlin, No74
Dessau,Bauhaus Dessau; Kunstpromenaden; brauART; VorOrt-Gallerie;
Halle, Neuwerk
Leipzig, Merkurhaus
Düsseldorf, labor visuell

Contact: hello [at] fabianjochenkanzler.com / +49 177 275 35 02 / instagram